Why Pasta From Scratch is Always Better

Homemade pasta
Photo by Rebeca G. Sendroiu on Unsplash

The world of pasta is a vast one and we’d never go so far as to say that we’re experts on the topic. We respect pasta so much that as much as we know about it, we defer graciously to many others before us who truly have mastered the craft. However, we do know enough that we feel compelled to make one thing clear. Pasta from scratch is always better, and here’s why.

Flour, Eggs, the Whole Enchilada

In case you’re unsure what we mean when we say pasta from scratch, allow us to enlighten you. If you’re buying pasta in a box, this is not what we mean. We’re talking about busting out the flour, the eggs, the whole enchilada. We’re talking about putting on your big boy chef pants and actually doing something you’ve never done before. By the way, it’s important to note that not all restaurants make pasta from scratch. When they do, you know it.

Fresh and Soft

So what is it about pasta from scratch that makes it so much better? There are a lot of elements to dissect, but the first thing we’ll say is that it’s fresher and softer. But pasta from scratch goes so much deeper than that. The very texture of pasta that’s been made from scratch has a certain warmth and “homeiness” that simply can’t be replicated from anything you get in a box.