Food That You Should Never Store in the Fridge

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

As the main appliance that keeps food fresh, a fridge is essential to any kitchen. But contrary to popular belief, there is some food that should never be placed in the fridge as adverse effects could occur. Here is some food that you should avoid storing in the fridge at all costs.


A tasty herb to have in your kitchen, basil is actually best served and preserved at room temperature. Make sure to leave the stems of the basil submerged in water before use.


While many people store cucumbers in the fridge, this can actually have adverse effects despite keeping cucumbers from expiring. They can often develop water-soaked spots within days of refrigeration.


The problem with onions is that they need to be kept in dry conditions. The moisture contained in your fridge will cause any onions to get soft if not moldy soon after being stored.