The Rewards of Cooking as a Parent

Family dinners
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

It was one thing to cook for yourself when you were a college student and it didn’t really matter how healthy anything was. Ramen noodle soup in a cup? Sure. Take out Chinese food? Awesome. Grilled cheese with extra cheese? Sounds amazing. But when you’re a parent, you have to take a million other things into account. Not only do you have to make sure that your child is getting all the nutrients they need, but you need to do it three times a day. However, before you start to feel overwhelmed, here are some rewards you’ll get cooking for your kid.

The truth is that like all aspects of being a parent, all of the hardships that come from kitchen work are nullified by the simple concept of unconditional love. Sure, it can feel like the work never ends, and it can feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever done—but it’ll also be the warmest and most meaningful thing you’ve ever done.

Ultimately, your child doesn’t yet have the wherewithal to understand the depths of gratitude they owe you, but it’ll all come back around in due time. You’re not cooking for them to get something in return—you’re doing it because you’re their parent and they need you, and this makes all the difference. Without you even realizing it, you’re improving as a person and becoming more selfless—and that’s a pretty good reward.