Surprising Foods You Can Cook in the Microwave

Microwave foods
Photo by Marika Sartori on Unsplash

Most people don’t really have too much to cook and prepare homemade meals every day, and that’s why you should try to get the most out of your kitchen appliances. The microwave is probably the most useful appliance in your kitchen, and here are some tasty foods you can prepare in it.

Microwave Risotto

Even though we love risotto, it can be pretty boring and sometimes even hard to stand over a stove for more than 20 minutes and stir this dish. That’s why cooking risotto in a microwave is a pretty useful trick to avoid this scenario and prepare a tasty meal.


Microwave enchiladas should be your go-to meal for when you need a tasty meal that’s easy and quick to prepare. Prepare your enchiladas, cook in the microwave for around six to eight minutes and enjoy this simple and flavorful dinner.

Potato Chips

Preparing this wonderful and crunchy movie snack at home is certainly better than buying it at the store. The good news is that you can prepare potato chips at home in only a few minutes using your microwave.


Microwaving your homemade granola for only a minute or two is an easy way to prepare this cozy breakfast without turning on a stove.