It’s Important to Have Fun While Cooking

Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

When it comes to being a good cook, people place so much emphasis on getting everything perfect. There’s nothing wrong with having an acute attention to detail, but there are other important facets to consider as well. Not everything about cooking has to do with measurements and perfection. A great deal of passion is required too, as well as a hefty dose of enjoyment.

Love the Process

If you’re cooking but don’t find yourself loving it, what’s the point of doing it? Sure, there are important applications to cooking beyond the realm of enjoyment—such as feeding loved ones—but shouldn’t that be enjoyable too? After all, there should be a positive emotion that gets conjured knowing that you’re providing food for others.

More Than Food

This leads us to our next point, which is that cooking is about more than just food. It’s about community, family, and love. Going back millenniums, people have always cooked to feed their families, and thus the act of providing sustenance for children is something of a beautiful ritual. So even if don’t love cooking for the art of mixing different ingredients with one another, it truly doesn’t matter because the mere act of providing food for your family is enough reason to enjoy it!