Best Ways to Make Your Popcorn a Little Bit Healthier

Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

Popcorn is often hailed as a healthy snack with a long list of nutritional benefits. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to transform them into a calorie bomb, but you can keep them on the healthy side with these useful tips.

Perfect Method

Your popcorn will be as healthy as the preparation method you’re using. In addition to movie theater popcorn, microwaved popcorn is one of the most popular options on the market, but none of them are extremely healthy. Air-popped popcorn is a much better alternative because you’re in control of all the add-ins and flavorings.

Right Add-Ins

This might be difficult to hear, but there’s no perfect topping or add-in that will make your popcorn healthier. Butter and flavorings up the calorie, sugar, and fat content of your popcorn, and you should be just as careful with salt. Luckily, your popcorn can still taste just as delicious without them.

Portion Control

Like most other healthy foods, popcorn is only healthy if you consume it in moderation. A 30 gram-serving is often mentioned as the ideal amount, but you can go a little higher as long as you don’t eat a full bag of popcorn in one sitting.