How To Flip Pancakes in 3 Easy Steps

Photo by Luke Pennystan on Unsplash

Even if pancakes and crêpes happen to be your favorite dessert, there’s probably one part of the cooking process that you struggle with, just like everyone else. Flipping pancakes can be a total nightmare, but it’s actually easier to do than you think—especially if you follow these three steps.

Timing is Everything

It’s not a good idea to turn your pancake to the other side before there are bubbles forming in the middle and its edges start to brown. Before doing the flip, you can check if your pancake is ready by lifting the edge to make sure that it’s cooked properly.

Spatula Trick

There’s no need to do the elaborate flip if you’re still a pancake-baking newbie. You can do it with a spatula instead, but keep in mind that things can still get a little bit tricky. It’s important to flick your wrist quickly so your pancake won’t fall apart midway through.

Pan Choice

The pan that you’re using can make or break your flipping technique, especially if you’re trying to throw your pancakes in the air. When it comes to this fun method, using a light pan is crucial, and you should always remember to shake it before flipping the pancake so it doesn’t stick to the bottom.