3 Reasons Why We Love Chamberlain Coffee 

Chamberlain coffee was created by Emma Chamberline, a podcaster who has risen to ultimate celeb status. The coffee has various blends and options to choose from. Here are our three reasons why we are obsessed with Chamberline coffee. 


The execution and branding of this company are excellent. It targets all coffee drinks with an emphasis on targeting Gen-Z. Bright and fun colors allow the packaging to be highly memorable. Moreover, Chamberlain uses characters on the packaging to quickly depict the ‘type’ coffee enclosed inside the product. 


From coffee to matcha to mugs and more, there is more to coffee sold on the Chamberline website. You can also buy bags, cups, and even a french cold press, making Chamberlain coffee a place that is more than just coffee. It is also a great place to buy a gift for that friend who loves coffee or just loves Emma herself. 


Sustanalibily is at the forefront of Chamberlin coffee—they believe it tastes better when responsibly and ethically sourced. The coffee is roasted locally in California to ensure that the best possible standards and labor practices are met. As well as using environmentally friendly materials that provide the coffee’s quality stays the same.