3 Common Sushi Rice Mistakes

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Making sushi on your own isn’t an easy task, and you have to take many tiny steps to make it perfect. This popular dish wouldn’t be complete without some sticky rice, and here are a few rice mistakes that you should avoid to make your sushi as tasty as possible.

Wrong Type

The type of rice you’re using can make or break your sushi. Brown rice may be healthier than the white variety, but it’s best avoided when it comes to this dish. You need your rice to be sticky, and brown rice doesn’t fit the bill, so sticking to short-grain rice is your best bet.

Prepping Your Rice

The way you prep your rice is also very important, especially rinsing. If your rice has a syrup-like texture, it’s probably because you haven’t rinsed it properly, so don’t forget this step. The way you cook your rice also makes all the difference, and short-grain rice should have a sticky texture after being done.

Wrong Amount

Many people make the mistake of using too much rice when rolling sushi. Rice is the main ingredient in this dish, but you shouldn’t let it overpower other add-ins. Using too much rice will also make it more difficult to roll your sushi, so it’s best avoided.