Would You Bake Pies Inspired By Your Favorite Pop Culture Moments?

If you don’t think that pie-making is an art form, that’s only because you’ve never heard of Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. She’s the mastermind behind food blog Pies Are Awesome, and her pop culture-inspired creations really do justice to this name.

We’ve seen food bloggers put pop culture twist on many other beloved desserts, but pies haven’t had their chance to shine until Jessica came along. She decided to present them in a whole new light and started baking pies inspired by her favorite movies, TV shows, and more.

The trick obviously worked, since her Instagram page thepieous has over 60.000 followers right now. One thing that we love the most about Clark-Bojin is that she’s not keeping her secrets to herself – she enjoys sharing them with the whole world, so everyone can make pies as awesome as hers.

Here’s another impressive thing about this food blogger – she’s actually a self-thought baker who barely had any experience in the kitchen before embarking on this culinary adventure. If you’re looking for some major ins-pie-ration, take a look at her amazing creations and start baking!