Which Brownie Texture Speaks to You?

Photo by Arantxa Aniorte on Unsplash

When it comes to delicious desserts, there aren’t exactly rules regarding what’s tasty. Texture, for one, is a hot topic of debate, especially when it comes to the realm of doughiness, crispiness, and cakey-ness (we checked, it’s a real word). When it comes to brownies, in particular, there seems to be a lot of debate over what kind of brownie texture is best. So let’s discuss: what kind of brownie is best—cakelike or doughy?

A Common Topic

When you buy a box of brownie mix by Duncan Hines, they give you the option to make a batter that’s fudgier or more cakelike. If you add one egg to the mix, the batter becomes fudgy (and essentially more doughy). If you add two eggs to the mix, it becomes more cakelike. The fact that Duncan Hines felt the need to add this to their recipe on the box just proves that there really is no “better” way. It’s a heavily debated topic.

The Perfect Mix

If you ask us, we’re huge fans of the doughier side of things—but we have the utmost respect for those who prefer things a bit more solid and cakelike. They both have their charm and they certainly both hit the spot after a long meal. We’d also like to note that fudgy brownies that are on the doughier side need to be able to be held easily. If they’re constantly falling apart, it’s not going to work. So which brownie texture do you prefer?