What’s The Deal With Wine In a Can?

Wine in the Can
Photo by monica di loxley on Unsplash

Ahh, wine. It’s one of the most dignified alcohols out there, and people take it pretty darn seriously. That’s why you have wine tastings where supposed experts apparently don’t even swallow it—they merely taste it and spit it right out. Wine has a brand of being proper and fancy, and yet there seems to be a movement afoot. This movement, friends, is that of wine in a can, and here’s what it’s all about.

The Anti-Proper

Wine in a can, which can be found in a handful of different supermarkets nowadays, is all about sticking it to the fancy wine connoisseurs. It’s about saying that wine isn’t just about being some kind of fancy intellectual. It’s about drinking it a tad faster than you normally would. In other words, it’s the kind of wine you might drink at a college party.

Why It Matters

Not only is wine in a can more practical because of how easy it is to carry around, people also find that there are a lot less spills. But it’s also a lot deeper than that. The idea of wine in a can, in many ways, changes the conversation about how wine is supposed to make you feel. It used to make us giddy at a fancy dinner party. Now we can feel giddy at pretty much any party imaginable, and we can even dance while drinking it. Cheers!