Lazy Dinners That Are Perfect For Kids

Lazy dinners to make
Photo by jos schuurmans on Unsplash

When you’re a single parent, or any parent for that matter, and you find yourself being required to make endless dinners night in and night out, it can get taxing. You were so full of energy the night before and prepared a wonderful, elaborate meal, and tonight you just feel physically and emotionally drained. And yet, you still have to make dinner. So here are some great “lazy meals” that you can make for your kids that don’t take much effort.

Chicken Nuggets

Ahh, what’s not to love about chicken nuggets? They have protein, they’re delicious, they’re easy to eat, and they’re fun for kids to eat as well. But perhaps the best part about chicken nuggets is that they only require you to pop them into the oven and then they’re done!


In theory, soup actually takes a while to prepare, so perhaps it’s not that lazy. But considering the fact that most of the time it’s just simmering there waiting for the flavors to mix, there’s a lot of downtime involved.


This should go without saying, but pasta is super easy to make and incredibly quick as well. Just boil up some water, put the pasta in, wait for it to soften, and voila! Your kids will love you for it, and let’s be real—you barely did anything.