Julia Trigo’s Donuts Will Rock Your World This Winter

Donuts are one of those delicious sweet treats that are never going out of style. No matter how many recipes we try, we’re always in the mood for a new one, and Julia Trigo has quite a few in store. Check out some of the best winter-inspired donuts recipes that she shared on her food blog Delight Fuel.

Mini Cinnamon Donuts

If you associate the smell of cinnamon with the winter and holiday season, these delicious mini donuts are just the thing you need.

Peppermint Mocha Mini Donuts

Never tried combining peppermint and mocha together before? Trigo is here to show you they’re a match made in heaven with these tiny donuts topped with peppermint shavings.

Paleo Triple Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate donuts are never going out of style and Trigo loves them as much as the rest of us. She tried to put a twist on a classic recipe by making them 100% paleo, but that’s not stopping them from being rich with cacao.

Maple Pumpkin Donuts

If you still haven’t gotten bored of pumpkins and want to try some new desserts that put it to some good use, these maple pumpkin donuts will win you over with their irresistible taste.

Glazed Citrus Donuts

Delicious and gluten-free, these citrus donuts are as refreshing as it gets and their fruity orange flavor perfectly complements their fluffy texture.