Amazing Vegan Cooks You Should Follow on Instagram

Becoming a vegan can seem tough at first, because you’ll feel like your food options are limited. Discovering amazing plant-based recipes online is a good way to change your outlook, and these three cooks are constantly sharing new ones with their army of Instagram followers.

Bianca Zapatka

Zapatka’s Instagram page is a true feast for the eyes, and she’s amazing at making everything from appetizers and desserts to main dishes. Her photos look so mouth-watering that you won’t be able to resist trying to make one of her recipes on your own.

Michaela Vais

With a million of followers under her belt, Michaela Vais became one of the most popular cooks on Instagram, and she definitely deserves it. Her blog elavegan is a great source of inspiration, and it proves you’ll never run out of tasty dishes to eat; even if they don’t include meat.

Mei Yee

Mei Yee is another vegan food blogger who’s constantly sharing photos of dishes that look too good to eat. She mostly specializes in desserts, but you can find other dishes on her page every once in a while.