4 Types of Food You Should Never Cook on a Grill

Grilled burgers
Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash

It’s the summertime and the easiest way to come up with a meal is to fire up a grill in the backyard. However many people take this too literarily and start cooking everything on a grill. As you might guess, this isn’t always a good idea.

There are certain types of food you should avoid grilling as they are not suited for this type of cooking. Check them out below.

Peeled Shrimp

If you toss shelled shrimp on a grill, the chances are that they will turn out great. Peeled shrimp, on the other hand, not so much. The shrimp flesh is sensitive to high heat and will probably dry out when grilled.


This might come as a shock, but a grill shouldn’t be your go-to method of cooking burgers. When grilling burgers, a lot of juices and fat will drip away, and you’ll lose out on the flavor.


Grilled lettuce has an army of believers, but you shouldn’t be one of them. Due to its high water content, lettuce will simply wilt on a grill instead of turning out the way you imagined.


You would be surprised how many people decided to treat themselves to grilled peaches. And they mostly regret it. Grilling peaches is a major hassle, as your grill will be a mess afterward. Also, the fruit will take on the flavor of whatever you’ve grilled before, resulting in a not-so-pleasant combo.