3 Things You Should Keep in Mind About Freezing Tofu

Freezing tofu
Photo by Sherman Kwan on Unsplash

If you’re not extremely familiar with tofu, your first instinct will be to store it in the fridge, but this isn’t necessarily where it belongs. Tofu will feel right at home in your freezer, and you won’t only prolong its lifespan by storing it this way, but also improve its taste and texture.

Draining Tofu

The first step of freezing your tofu should be to get rid of excess liquid. This isn’t necessary, but it stops ice from building up on the outside of your tofu pieces, so it’s the best idea to drain your tofu, pat it dry, and store it in an airtight container or Ziploc bag until you need it.

Block or Chunks?

Storing an entire unopened package of tofu in your freezer is possible, but there’s a catch. Tofu takes longer to thaw if you store it this way, so it’s recommended to slice it into smaller chunks before storing it.

Flavor and Texture

The most important benefit of storing your tofu in the freezer is the change in its texture. When stored this way, your tofu will have a “meatier” texture, it will be easier to press, and it will do a much better job absorbing sauces, dressings, and marinades.