You Must Try These Desserts When Traveling in Europe

Europe was the first to integrate dessert into mealtimes, making it the perfect destination to explore while trying out the world’s tastiest treats!

Churros: Spain

This deep-fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and often dipped in chocolate sauce is an authentic Spanish treat. It’s commonly served for breakfast with a warm cup of coffee.

Eclair: France

You will almost always find a glistening row of these beautiful pastries at French bakeries. The traditional chocolate eclair uses a simple pasty dough filled with vanilla cream and topped with a rich chocolate glaze.

Trdelnik: Czech Republic

Trdelnik is a soft dough wrapped around a stick and grilled right in front of you in Prague street stands. It’s topped with sugar and walnuts and served with ice cream, chocolate, or fruit.

Banoffee Pie: England

This quintessential British dessert is a must-have on your next trip to London. It deliciously combines a flaky, buttery crust with silky layers of toffee, bananas, and cream.

Gelato: Italy

Though there are many famous Italian desserts, there is one custardy treat that never fails to please. Gelato is made with less cream and more milk than ice cream, allowing a smoother, silkier consistency.