Why You Don’t Need to Be a Wine Connoisseur to Enjoy Wine With Your Cheese

Wine and cheese
Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

You often hear lots of pompous advice about which wines go with which cheeses. This is usually very specific advice and the wines are, let’s say, not on the cheap side. While this is often a marketing strategy cooked up by wine companies or experts eager to demonstrate their knowledge, it is usually good advice if you are truly passionate about wine.

But for the rest of us, the truth is most wines and cheeses are a great combination. The two flavors just work together. So you don’t have to be a wine expert or spend an arm and a leg to enjoy it.

As long as you follow some very broad guidelines, you don’t need the opinion of an expensive wine connoisseur to start enjoying your wine right now!

Sweet White Wines Do Not Work

As a rule, sweet white wines do not combine well with cheeses. The rare exception is if you are going for a sweet and sour combination, but this is not generally advised.

Red Wines Are Best

Generally, red wines go best with all kinds of cheeses. Although, if the cheese is very strong, then a lighter red might be preferable.

Dry Whites Are Also Good

Dry white wines also go very nicely with most cheeses. This can be especially refreshing if you are enjoying your cheese in the sunshine.