Try These Unique Hamburger Buns

Hamburgers can be pretty dull, can’t they? Sometimes, the routine of a normal hamburger bun filled with the same old ingredients and toppings can leave you wishing for more. Fortunately, one easy way to do this is by switching up your bun.

Try these alternative and unique hamburger buns for a new taste experience.

Pretzel Bun

A pretzel bun is a fantastic way to put a twist on your burger. The soft, malty taste of a salted pretzel tastes great when fused with ingredients such as Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, and caramelized onions. Yum.

Brioche Bun

Are you looking for a rich and decadent hamburger bun? If so, a brioche bun is a great option for you to try. These French buns are high in butter and eggs, giving them a puffy texture that seems to just soak up all of the toppings and juices of the burger.

Ciabatta Bun

Mamma Mia! That’s right, you can use this Italian bread to make a durable and delicious hamburger bun. If you want to put an Italian twist on your burger by using ingredients such as pesto or mozzarella, ciabatta is a perfect choice.