Top 3 Tips for Making Healthier Onion Rings

Onion rings
Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from Pixabay

Onion rings are often hailed as a healthier alternative to French fries, but that doesn’t change a fact that they’re a popular fast-food item with low nutritional value. If you’re looking for a way to make them a little bit healthier, here are three steps that you should take.

Air Fryer

Using the air fryer is pretty common advice for making all sorts of foods healthier, but it actually makes sense with onion rings. They’re one of the most popular deep-fried foods on the market, and using an air fryer to avoid soaking them in oil will make them much healthier.

Using Your Oven

If you want to make your onion rings healthier but don’t own an air fryer—don’t despair. You can put a healthy twist on this dish without buying any extra kitchen appliances, as long as you have an oven. Oven-roasted onion rings are another healthy alternative because deep-frying isn’t involved in the cooking process.

Healthy Dip

Eating onion rings on their own is obviously the healthiest option on the market, but most people can’t imagine eating them without some ketchup. If you happen to be one of them, make sure to check a label at the store—or even better make homemade ketchup or other healthy dips.