TikTok User Reveals an Intriguing $2 Chipotle Burrito Hack

Image by wolterke/Depositphotos

TikTok is a goldmine for food hacks. Whether it’s tips for peeling boiled eggs faster or tricks for creamier mashed potatoes, the users of this social media always find a way to make our time in the kitchen a bit easier. But as it turns out, their wisdom in the ways of food goes well past that.

TikTok user @hannahhuts recently shared a hack that can help you score a Chipotle burrito for just $2. Her video, in which she details the hack, quickly became viral and got more than two million views.

What’s the Hack?

According to @hannahhuts, in order to get a $2 burrito at Chipotle, you should order a “pinto bean (extra beans) and cheese burrito.” You’ll only get charged for two sides, which in her case amounted to $1.94. This sounds like an amazing deal since classic Chipotle burrito order can amount to more than $8.



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“These burritos have saved me a couple times when I really didn’t have money for food,” Hutson told Fox News when they reached out to learn more about the hack. “They’re filling with good protein, so I want to help out anyone in a similar position.”

Does the Hack Really Work?

Other TikTok users have testified in the comments that the hack really works. This also wasn’t the first time that the hack was revealed, as several posts on Reddit detail similar experiences. However, The Takeout‘s Dennis Lee learned that success primarily depends on Chipotle’s cashiers. In their case, the order was classified as a veggie burrito, and they were charged the full price of $8.60. So, if you are going to try this yourself, keep in mind that things can go wrong really fast.