Three Tips to Keep Your Stovetop Clean

One of the hardest parts of the kitchen to keep clean is, without a doubt, the stovetop. This is where a huge part of the cooking action in your kitchen takes place, with saucepans and pots full of oil, sauce, and other ingredients threatening its cleanliness on a daily basis!

Here are some tips that will help you keep your stovetop clean despite all of the elements working to make it dirty.

Use a Material-Specific Cleaner

It’s not advised to use chemical cleaners in the kitchen, but the stovetop is one place that just needs help from a heavy-duty cleaner to keep it clean and hygienic. Whether you have a glass-ceramic stovetop, an induction stovetop, or a more traditional gas stovetop, there are products out there to help you maintain the cleanliness of your stove. 

Keep a Cloth Nearby

One seemingly-obvious tip is to keep a cleaning cloth within reach of the stovetop. Just giving the stove a quick wipe-down with a clean cloth after cooking goes a long way to keeping it clean.

Don’t Overuse Oils

The worst enemy of any stovetop is oil splatter. Frying foods in oil will inevitably lead to hot oil flying out of the pan and onto your stovetop, creating a mess that is truly difficult to clean. Try using reasonable amounts of oil to keep splatter to a minimum. Your stovetop will thank you!