Three Advantages to Buying Local Food Products

Socially and environmentally-conscious eating is all the rage today and for good reasons. As globalization continues and more and more foods are exported thousands and thousands of miles away from their original places of cultivation and production, the environmental costs of this phenomenon continues to affect our planet.

Consider buying more local food products and enjoy the following benefits of doing so.

Your Food Lasts Longer

Food that is imported from large distances away will have already spent a good amount of time traveling to reach its destination. This leads to expiration dates that are shortened. Buying local products allows your food to not only be fresher, but to last longer.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The amount of pollution that is produced during the transportation of food products from one side of the globe to another really racks up. This doesn’t enter into the equation when you buy local products, though, a much more environmentally and earth-friendly choice.

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Support the Local Economy

As a resident of your town or city, you probably want to see the local economy do as well as possible, right? Well, do your part and chip in by buying local food products! The small businesses and independent growers that sell and produce these foods will definitely thank you.