This TikTok Hack Promises the Easiest Potato Peeling

Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

If there is one thing that the internet doesn’t lack, it is hacks for easier potato peeling. People seem to really hate peeling potatoes and are always looking for ways to do it more quickly and efficiently.

Now, some potato peeling hacks work better than others, but there is not a single hack that really delivers on the thing it promises. Or is there?

TikTok user @the_gooch recently shared a hack that allows you to peel a potato with a single move. It needs a slight prep, but the efficiency is unparalleled.

According to @the_gooch’s video, you should take a pair of kitchen scissors and “score the entire potato all the way around.” Next, drop the potatoes in a bath of boiling water, take them out when cooked, and immediately drop them into an ice bucket.

From there, it is all about waiting for potatoes to cool off before simply pulling the skin off.

Granted, some TikTok users pointed out that you would waste time by waiting for water to get boiled and potatoes to get cooked. While this is somewhat true, the hack is actually there to help you save time when you need cooked potatoes. For raw potatoes, you’ll still have to use the peeler.