Things You Should and Shouldn’t Store Inside Your Oven Drawer

Oven drawer
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

If you always find yourself running out of storage space in your kitchen, you might be tempted to store things inside your oven drawer, but you should think twice before doing this. Oven drawers can be used for storage, but with a very limited list of items.

Things to Avoid Storing

The tricky thing about the oven drawer is that it tends to get pretty hot when your oven is cranked up to the highest volume, and that’s why you shouldn’t use it to store anything that you wouldn’t put inside the oven itself.

Kitchen items made from plastic, cloth, wood, or paper, such as plastic/wood dishes and utensils, cookbooks, tablecloths, oven mitts, etc, don’t belong anywhere near the oven drawer. They may get damaged or catch on fire along the way due to their highly flammable nature.

Things to Store

Pans, bakeware, and other kitchen utensils made from oven-safe materials can be kept inside the oven drawer. Baking sheets, cast-iron pans, casserole dishes, pizza stones, and other metal or glass cookware that you use to bake food inside your oven will be just as safe inside the oven drawer and they won’t be damaged under the heating element.