The Best Ways to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

Fried foods
Photo by Wine Dharma on Unsplash

How do you dispose of your cooking oil? Do you pour it down the kitchen sink or in your shower drain? Both ways will damage the pipes and the sewer system. So, what are you supposed to do with the oil after you finish cooking with it? Here’s the safest way to dispose of used frying oil.

Reuse It

Before you think about ways to dispose of it, consider reusing it. You can use oil once or twice before disposing of it or you can combine it with some new oil to make it stretch farther.

Let it Cool and Transfer it to a Container

Make sure you let the oil cool completely before you think about disposing of it. After it’s cooked, transfer it to a disposable container to allow the oil to solidify, so you can throw it into the trash. For some oils, you’ll need to refrigerate or freeze them to get them solid.

Grease Disposing System

Try cutting down on the oil by deep frying in a deep skillet instead of a large Dutch oven. If you fry often, consider getting a grease disposal system, which uses large, foil-lined bags to dispose of oil.