Put a Twist on Charcuterie Boards With Cheryl Malik

From hot chocolate boards to breakfast boards, we’ve seen so many twists on charcuterie boards that we thought we’ve seen it all until Cheryl Malik came along. The mastermind behind the food blog 40 Aprons truly has a special talent for creating unusual charcuterie boards. Here are some of the very best that she shared with the world so far.

Bagel Board

If you love bagels so much that you want to build an entire charcuterie board dedicated to them, Malik is here to help you out. From tasty spreads and sliced boggles to sweet and savory toppings and your favorite cheeses, this board features all the ingredients that you’ll need to make a perfect bagel.

Keto Board

Are you looking for a way to make your board healthy and keto-friendly? Malik’s got your back. This board includes nothing but keto ingredients, ranging from cheeses, nuts, and barriers, to several keto-friendly types of meat, such as rolled salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni.

Muffin Tin Board

Did you know you don’t even need a fancy wooden board to build a perfect charcuterie board? Malik’s muffin tin board is a perfect pick for smaller gatherings and kids’ parties and it also doesn’t hurt that the clean-up is so much easier!