Nastassia Johnson is Taking Cakes to a Whole New Plane of Existence

Have you ever looked at a dessert and found yourself lost in a reverie so deep you forgot where you were? Such a thing happens quite often when looking at Nastassia Johnson’s cakes. Under her Instagram titled “Let Me Eat Cake”, she specializes in cakes so elaborate and wonderful that we can’t stop staring. In fact, it’s probably best we don’t know her personally because we’d have a piece every day. Here are some of our favorites.

The Sweetest Turkey

This might look like a Thanksgiving turkey, but it’s actually a yummy cake disguised as one. Johnson created this masterpiece in celebration of the November holiday, and after looking at it, we know what we’re thankful for.

A Merry Surprise

As long as we’re going by the holiday theme, we might as well show you this incredible cake that she made for Christmas. The green frosting looks so fluffy and delicious from here that we can practically taste it.

Not Your Typical Ice Cream Cake

When most people think of ice cream cake, they imagine a cake that’s made mostly out of ice cream. Johnson took that idea and ran with it even further, taking literal ice cream cones and adorning her cake with them.