Mtn Dew is Trying to Revive This Christmas Dessert

Mountain Dew
Photo by Anil Xavier on Unsplash

Unlike carrot cake and red velvet, fruitcake is not universally loved. In fact, as far as cakes go, some people feel that the dense baked good shouldn’t even qualify.

We’re not sure what exactly makes fruitcake such a pariah. Is it perhaps that it is considered too healthy and not sweet enough to be a dessert? Is it because it so often resembles dry bread with a few glacé cherries? Whatever it is, fruitcake tends to appear in stores every year around the holidays and we’ve never met anyone who actually enjoys having a slice.

Mtn Dew is hoping to change that, however.

We know what you’re thinking—what on Earth does a soda brand have to do with Christmas cake?! Well, Mtn Dew’s newest flavor, Fruit Quake, is inspired by it. 

“Mtn Dew is back with a holiday hot take. We’re making fruitcake cool again,” stated the brand. “Fruitcake has long been known as the holiday dessert no one actually wants to touch, let alone eat. Mtn Dew is changing that. We’re making everyone’s holiday dreams come true by swapping the dated dessert with a tastier treat.”

Expect a fruity, citrus flavor with hints of spice.