Meal Prep Might Secretly Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Meal prep
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

A lot of people these days turn to meal prep when they’re trying to eat healthier, but this kitchen ritual may not be the genius hack that it’s posing as. Meal prep actually comes with a long list of downsides that never crossed your mind, and here are three that you should be aware of.

Saving Time and Money?

A lot of people turn to meal prepping because they think they’ll save some time and money this way, but is this really true? Meal prepping still takes a lot of time and it really shows because you’ll be doing it all at once. If you don’t end up eating all the food you prepped, it will actually be wasted time—not to mention the money!

Not as Tasty

Meal prep may look good in perfectly edited Instagram photos, but let’s be real here—leftovers never taste as good as fresh foods. Forcing yourself to eat food that you assigned for each day won’t always work because you’ll feel like eating something nice and fresh, and you definitely should.

Meal Prep Containers

Another major problem with meal prep is that you’ll most likely end up packing your food into tiny containers, which might hold hazards such as BPA. Even BPA containers might not be 100% safe because they still don’t protect you from the effects of plastic, so it’s best to turn to glass containers if you insist on doing meal prep.