4 Fun Fungi Facts for Mushroom Lovers 

Close Up Photo of Mushroom during Daytime
Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

Mushrooms are a controversial food item that people seem to either love or hate. If you love them, then you’ll understand how versatile they are and how delicious they can be. They are a very unique food item and play a huge role in the varied ecosystems of the world. If you love mushrooms, then here are some cool facts about them that you can share with your fellow fungi fans. 

Fungi Aren’t Plants

It can be easy to view mushrooms as plants but they are an entirely different classification of organism. Mushrooms fall under the category of fungi, which includes yeast, mold, and rust. Fungi are more closely related to the animal kingdom than the plant one.

Mushrooms Produce Vitamin D

This vitamin is often associated with sunshine and is super important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy. Mushrooms are the only food item found in the fresh produce section that creates vitamin D.

They’re Used for Much More than Food

Mushrooms have been eaten for thousands of years and used for medicinal purposes too. More recently, scientists have been working to create 100% biodegradable packaging out of mushroom mycelium. They are also starting to be used as natural pesticides and clothing dyes. 

They’re the Largest Organism in the World

Armillaria Ostoyae are the largest fungi, with the biggest recorded in the Malheur National Forest, Oregon, USA, which is 2,400 years old and covers an area of more than 2,200 acres.