Mary Papadimos is Sharing the Most Delicious Vegan Recipes on Her Blog Upbeet & Kaleing It

If you’re thinking of embracing a plant-based diet, it always comes in handy to follow a few bloggers who make this lifestyle more approachable. Mary Papadimos is one of Instagram’s best vegan bloggers and she’s sharing amazing plant-based recipes on her food blog Upbeet & Kaleing It.

Papadimos’s journey as a vegan started while she was in law school and her career trajectory completely changed by the time she graduated with a dual JD/MBA in 2020.

Instead of pursuing a career in law, she decided to continue her journey as a full-time food blogger after years of sharing recipes with her amazing community and attracting 270,000 followers to her Instagram page.

Papadimos’s blog is dedicated to vegans and non-vegans alike because her main goal is to make veganism more approachable through her carefully crafted recipes.

“My goal is to reduce stress when it comes to making vegan dishes. By simplifying the prep time, cooking process, and ingredients, vegan cooking becomes so much more approachable, which in turn makes the lifestyle much easier,” she explains on her blog.

Since starting her blog in 2015, we’ve seen Papadimosn share recipes for everything from breakfast and lunch essentials to desserts, and she even wrote her own book Upbeet Vegan Cooking, featuring around 60 nourishing vegan recipes.