Love Kimchi & Bibimbap? Follow the Korean Vegan!

Joanne Lee Molinaro has taken the world of TikTok by storm with her amazing vegan Korean recipes, stories of food, culture and community and her inspiring dedication to social justice. If you love bright, funky flavors, innovative recipes and plant-based food, follow the Korean Vegan now!


Joanne takes traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi jiggae, ramyeon and more and transforms them into contemporary, 100% vegan recipes that are simple enough to make for dinner, and complex enough to delight your taste buds! She also adds her favorite Korean ingredients such as gochujang chili paste and kimchi to non-Korean dishes.

The TKV Empire

If TikTok and Instagram aren’t enough, there are plenty of others way to enjoy content from the Korean Vegan. Listen to the TKV podcast, join the TKV Kollective or get your hands on a copy of Joanne Molinaro’s James Beard award-winning TKV cookbook!

Advocacy Work

Korean food isn’t all you’ll learn about when joining the Korean Vegan community. Joanne calls herself an ‘unapologetic advocate of democracy and hater of racism in all forms’. She uses her platform to advocate for social justice causes and rights, including BLM, LGBTQ+, AAPI and democracy.