Jessica Merchant’s Salmon Recipes are a Pescatarian Dream

If you’re trying to switch to a pescatarian diet, salmon will most likely become a must-have food on your menu. To master the art of preparing it, head to Jessica Merchant’s food blog How Sweet Eats for some delicious inspiration.

Lemon Brown Butter Salmon

Lemon and fish are the perfect combo and Merchant will teach you how to mix them together. Her lemon brown butter salmon owes its delicious taste to lemon juice used as a garnish and it’s cooked using butter instead of oil.

Smoky Sweet Cedar Plank Salmon

Speaking of foods that you should be pairing with salmon, asparagus is another great option. It really goes great with this smoky-sweet cedar plank salmon, spiced with garlic powder and smoked paprika.

Salmon Tacos

Never tried adding salmon to your tacos? Now’s the time to give it a shot! Filled with corn, avocado, and poblano peppers and topped with some pickled onions and cotija cheese, these salmon tacos are as delicious as it gets.

Smoked Salmon Puff Pastry Tart

Once you start adding salmon to your favorite dishes, you’ll never want to stop, and tacos aren’t the only example. This tart wouldn’t be as tasty if it wasn’t topped with smoked salmon, plus some thinly sliced lemons and onions on top.