Here’s How To Open A Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Picture the scene. It’s a beautiful summer’s day and your partner has packed a picnic basket. You brought the wine. After driving down to your favorite park, you take a quick hike up the hill, finally finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset. You layout the picnic, take out the glasses and then pull out your bottle of Italian wine… only to realize you have forgotten the corkscrew.

It’s happened to us all in one capacity or another. Rather than attempt to open the bottle with your teeth or give up altogether, it turns out there are actually better and less risky ways to pop open a bottle.

The first way is with a sturdy kitchen tool. By running the knife along the bottle seam to the neck, the pressure combined with the impact causes the bottle’s neck to break from its body. The whole top of the bottle should then come flying off.

If you do not have a kitchen tool then do not fear. It also looks as if you can open a bottle of wine with an actual shoe, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have one of those handy. Instead of trying to explain it to you, it’s probably best to just watch the video below.

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