Have You Ever Tried Starburst Pancakes? Well, You Should

Rainbow pancakes
Image by Sheilaf2002/depositohotos

Starbursts are the candy of choice for many kids and adults out there. They are fruity, chewy, colorful, and small enough, so you don’t feel guilty about having one too many. But did you know that Starbursts are the perfect ingredient for your morning pancakes? Talk about a sugary breakfast.

The recipe for Starburst pancakes, shared by food-based YouTube channel Hello Giggles, promises a colorful dish that apparently has the same taste as the actual candy. Here’s how to make them.

How to Make Starburst Pancakes

In order to make Starburst pancakes, you will first need to get some Starbursts. Duh! Then arrange them by color and remove the wraps. Dump one color of Starbursts into a saucepan and turn on your stove to medium heat. Then add ¼ cup of milk and ¼a cup of cream and mix occasionally. Cook until melted. Do the same for the remaining colors, pouring each into a separate bowl.

After your melted Starbursts cool off, add ¾ of pancake mix to each bowl. Splash some food coloring in the corresponding color and give it a thorough mix. You can also add some water or milk if the batter seems too stiff.

When you have your pancake batter ready, cook them as you would any other pancakes. Soak in syrup afterward and dig in.