Food Processor vs. Blender: What’s The Difference?

Blender with ingredients
Photo by Andrea Niosi on Unsplash

You’ll occasionally see the terms food processor and blender being used synonymously. However, these are two different kitchen tools, and it is important to know the difference if you are thinking about buying either for your home. Here are the most important ones.

Differences Between Food Processor and Blender

The main difference between the two is in the blades. The food processor has multiple blades and different discs that can be changed depending on the operation you want to perform. On the other hand, blenders have a fixed blade, and the only thing you can change is the speed.

Another big difference is the bowl that is attached to the body. Food processor usually has wide bowls that allow space to process bigger chunks. Blenders have taller bowls that look like a pitcher.

Finally, there is also capacity. Blenders usually have a smaller capacity, while food processors can handle a larger amount of ingredients at the same time.

Which Should You Get

Whether you should get a food processor or a blender depends on your needs. If you need something to make smoothies or do simple operations like crushing ingredients, a blender will do. However, if you also want a tool that can chop, cut, shred, mix, and much more, get a food processor.