Follow These Instagram Accounts for Healthy Eating Inspiration

Instagram has become one of the best tools for finding great recipes and inspiration for healthy meals. If you’re looking for some healthy inspiration, theses Instagram accounts are the ones you need to follow.


Kruti Shah’s feed is filed with vibrant colors and delicious meals packed with nutritious ingredients. Here you can find inspiration for your next healthy dish, and everything you need to know about healthy eating.


Sua Park from Feed Your Glow shares recipe for her mouthwatering meals, which will satisfy your taste buds and help you improve your skin health.


Alison Wu knows that nutrition is only one side of healthy living, so she’s focused on whole body wellness. Her feed is filled with healthy recipes, but she also shares a lot of useful advice on self-care that can be of great use.


Rachael DeVaux is a dietician and trainer, but she won’t tell you not to order fries from time to time. Balanced diet is what healthy eating is all about, and this lady is promoting that!