Carrots & Flowers is Instagram’s Safe Haven for Vegan Foodies

Instagram is overflowing with amazing vegan food blogs, but it takes time to find one that suits your taste. Carrots & Flowers, created by Megan Sadd, is one of the emerging plant-based blogs that we can’t get enough of right now and each new recipe she shares is pure perfection.

Sadd is based in Los Angeles and describes herself as a “curious soul with a penchant for vegan food and making weird art projects”. Carrots & Flowers mixes some of her biggest passions into one and she says it’s dedicated to eating well and feeling good.

“We aim to uplift and inspire, offering simple, delicious plant-based recipes… We make plant-based food that’s easy, tasty, and fun by creating whole-food vegan dishes that provide all of the flavors of a standard American diet,” explains Sadd on her official website.

Carrots & Flowers only counts around 40,000 Instagram followers at this point in time, but Sadd already has two cookbooks under her belt. She’s the author of 30-Minute Vegan Dinners and Vegan YUM, both focused on the beauty and magic of plant-based cooking. The best thing about this food blog is that it offers something for everyone trying to eat healthily and improve their diet. From main and side dishes to breakfast staples and sweet treats, here are some of Sadd’s delicious recipes.