Bigger Bolder Baking Will Help You Improve Your Buttercream Frosting

Cupcakes would be incomplete without their delicious buttercream frosting and it’s always fun to discover amazing new flavors you can use to improve this dessert. No one knows this better than Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking since she’s constantly sharing delicious buttercream frosting ideas with the world.

Nutella Buttercream Frosting

Nutella makes everything better and you can use it to take your cupcakes to the next level. This beloved chocolate spread was used as the main ingredient in one of Stafford’s most popular buttercream frosting recipes.

Salted Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream

You can improve all sorts of desserts by adding some salted caramel to the mix. Cupcakes are no exception and you’ll get the job done with Stafford’s salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

Strawberry cupcakes are never going out of style and they’ll be just as tasty as your frosting. Stafford is here to help you make this dessert truly spectacular and she recommends using fresh strawberries.

Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting

Peanut butter is extremely versatile and it can be used in many amazing desserts. Cupcakes fall under that category and you can make them super-fluffy and light with this peanut butter buttercream frosting.