Avoid These Common Mistakes With Your Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives
Photo by Danilo Rios on Unsplash

Kitchen knives are among the essential tools in the kitchen. We use one in some capacity every day, so keeping them in proper shape is necessary. But we often fail to do so. Kitchen knives get damaged easier than you think, and in most cases, it’s no one’s fault but ours. We all make some minor mistakes in the kitchen that take a toll on our knives and make them lose their efficiency. Check the most common ones below and make sure to avoid them next time.

Putting Your Kitchen Knives in the Kitchen Drawer

Kitchen drawers are the natural storing place for knives, right? Wrong! According to experts, putting your kitchen knife in a drawer with the rest of the silverware is the fastest way to ruin it. Here, the knife’s blade gets in contact with spoons, forks, and everything else inside, which causes it to chip and lose its sharpness.

Scraping It Against the Cutting Board

Another fast way to damage your kitchen knife is using it to scrape the contents on the cutting board. This will cause it to lose its sharpness really fast and can even bend. If you really want to use the knife for this activity, at least flip it and use the upper side. 

Washing it In a Dishwasher

The dishwasher is great for glasses, plates, and other kitchen stuff but definitely not for your knife. Not only do your risk the previously mentioned dullness and chipping but also discoloration due to chemicals in the detergent. The high heat inside is also potentially harmful as it can cause warps.

Failing to Keep it Sharp

You should regularly sharpen your knife in order to keep it useful and efficient. This also helps you avoid hazardous situations, as dull knives are unreliable and can easily slip and hurt you.