5 Types of Food You Should Never Put Inside Your Air Fryer

Air fryer
Air fryer. Image via leungchopan/Depositphotos

The air fryer is one of the most popular kitchen tools in the world right now, and its versatility is one of its strongest suits. Unfortunately, there are some types of food that won’t benefit from being air-fried, and these five fall under that category.


You shouldn’t put too much cheese inside the air fryer unless you want to make a huge mess because the cheese will ooze out before it achieves a crispy exterior.

Whole Chicken

Even if your air fryer is big enough to fit a whole chicken inside, you shouldn’t prepare it this way because it’s highly likely it will cook unevenly.

Wet Batter

Any food that involves wet batter isn’t extremely air fryer-friendly. The batter won’t set properly and you’ll fail to achieve the moist and fluffy texture that you’re aiming for.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, are better left out of the air fryer. They’ll fly around due to high-speed hot air and end up cooking unevenly.


Broccoli can technically be cooked inside the air fryer, but it probably won’t be especially tasty. It will get dry and dusty so you’re better off preparing it any other way.