5 Insta-Worthy Ideas For Your Halloween Spread

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Halloween is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and bake and decorate some spooky treats for your friends. Here are some great ideas for your Halloween spread.

Witchy Fingers

These pretzel rods make the perfect base for creepy witchy fingers! They are quick to make and are definite crowd pleasers.

Spiderweb Donuts

If you want to keep things simple, these spiderweb donuts are a fantastic way to get with the theme without having to take an art class first!

Healthy Treats

For a healthier option, satsumas make adorable little mini pumpkins and bananas can be made into cute little ghosts. What’s not to love?

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Rice Crispy Cakes

Rice crispy cakes are an old-school easy recipe that even kids can’t get wrong. To get with the theme, try molding the rice crispy cakes into pumpkinsโ€”complete with green icing and a pretzel core.

Fondant Eyeballs

Eyeball cakes are a Halloween classic, but these fondant eyeballs are truly impressive. They are a little too realistic for our liking, but hey, Halloween is supposed to be scary, right?