5 Herbs and Spices To Keep In Your Cupboard If You Love Thai Food

Image by M Ameen from Pixabay

Thai cuisine is known for its vibrant colors and unique aromatic flavors. If you are trying to pin down the perfect Pad Thai or trying to bring a little of the Thai flavor into your kitchen, start by stocking these five herbs and spices.


Coriander is a Thai staple. It adds a fresh, tangy flavor to dishes and is also a great way to add a splash of color when you garnish your dish.


Cumin is an essential part of Thai curry. It has a distinct flavor and is a staple part of the Thai kitchen.


In Western cooking, cinnamon adds sweetness to baking goods. In Thailand, it is used to spice up soups and strews. Keep it at hand.


Ginger is often used in Thai cooking to accompany steamed fish. It is also used to soothe indegestion and is known for its natural healing properties.


Garlic may well be the secret to making any dish delicious. It is often used in Thai cooking to flavor rice, curries, stews – just about anything really.