3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Guava

Photo by Margo Schmiederer from Pexels

Checking the ripeness of common types of fruit, such as bananas and peaches, is pretty easy, but things can get difficult when you’re dealing with more exotic fruits. Guavas happen to be one of them and this brief guide is here to help you determine if you should buy them or not.

Visual Test

A visual test is the most important step in looking for ripe guavas. Don’t buy guavas with blemishes, cuts, or bruises because they can affect their color. Also, keep in mind that different verities come in different colors. Some of them have green or bright yellow skin, but that’s not the case with strawberry guavas and they look dark red when ripe.

Smell Test

The strong sweet smell of guavas is impossible to resist and it’s a sign that the fruit is perfectly ripe. Unripe guavas usually give off a musky smell and you should only buy them if you can wait for a few days to let them ripen.

Squeeze Test

A squeeze test can help you determine the ripeness of many types of fruit and guava happens to be one of them. Gently squeeze the guava in your hand and only buy it if it feels a little bit soft and gives some push under your fingers.