Your Guide For Following a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has enjoyed a reputation as a sort of “magical” pattern of food intake that leads its adherents to enjoy an increased lifespan and a healthier overall body. It’s certainly true to hard with the evidence, which states that residents of Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy live longer and have healthier hearts than most of us.

Check out these essential elements that will help you follow the Mediterranean Diet and keep you healthy.

Olive Oil

Olive oil might be the key to the Mediterranean Diet. Instead of using unhealthier fat options for cooking like butter, adherents to this diet use olive oil for nearly every meal, a consistent source of heart-healthy fats and antioxidants that are very beneficial to human health.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Another key to the Mediterranean Diet is the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain are known for their production of these food items, and the widespread availability of these healthy diet staples allows people to eat well on a consistent basis.

More Fish, Less Meat

The Mediterranean Sea provides plenty of healthy seafood options for the residents of this area, making it a crucial part of following their diet. Instead of consuming large quantities of fatty and unhealthy animal proteins like red meat, it’s important to incorporate more fish into your diet to stick to this plan.