You Should Think Twice About Storing These Foods in the Fridge

Photo by Darrien Staton on Unsplash

We don’t blame you if your first instinct with any food is to store it in the fridge. However, that’s not always the best move you can make. Sure, the food will last longer, but it might lose its quality in another way.

There are certain types of food that are better left alone than in the fridge. Check them out below.


When stored in the fridge, honey will crystallize and become hard. Honey has an almost infinite shelf life, and it is sufficient to store it somewhere cool and dark.


Put a coffee in the fridge, and you’ll soon discover that it tastes different. This is because coffee easily picks up the flavors and odor of nearby food. Instead, just keep it in your pantry.


Potatoes are starchy veggies, and cold temperatures can easily transform that starch into crystals. This will ruin the texture of the potato and its flavor. Simply keep potatoes away from light and hot places, and you’ll be fine. 


Whether it’s olive oil or vegetable oil, keep it away from the fridge. It will solidify, and you will have trouble cooking with it.

Fresh Herbs

When stored in the fridge, fresh herbs dry out and don’t punch as much flavor as you would like. You’re better off submerging their stems into a glass of water and keeping them stored that way.