Would You Eat These Strange Seafood Delicacies?

The sea is a place that is full of weird creatures, isn’t it? Some of the world’s most unique and terrifying animals can be found in the saltwater environments of the ocean and humans have discovered how to eat and prepare many of these species over the years.

Would you be brave enough to try these delicacies, some of the strangest in the world?

Goose-Neck Barnacles

Goose-neck barnacles, or “percebes,” are a prized delicacy in the countries of Spain and Portugal where diners suck them out of their shells. Plucked from the rocks of wave-battered rocks on the rocky coast, these crustaceans might look strange, but they have a succulent salty flavor that is reminiscent of the sea.


Fugu is a pufferfish that is considered a delicacy Japan. While delicious, if prepared incorrectly, this animal’s toxic skin, liver, and eyes can deliver a fatal dose of a poison called tetrodotoxin to those who eat it. Only expert chefs are trusted with the preparation of this risky dish.

Spider Crab

Spider crab is a popular delicacy in many places, including Europe and Japan. These massive crustaceans are typically steamed and then enjoyed, with a ton of sweet meat being available to eat throughout the massive animal’s body. It might look scary, but it sure is good!