Why You Should Be Starting Your Day With Oats

Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

Oats are a wonder food. They are delicious and healthy and seem to fit in so many contexts. They are the perfect start to your day, and here are a few reasons why. 

They’re Light

If you’re someone who struggles with the concept of breakfast, you should definitely try oats. They are one of the lightest carbs out there, and give you long-lasting energy without causing significant bloating. 

They’re Easy

You can prepare oats in so many ways. Soaking them in milk or water overnight requires minimal effort, but you can also cook them or bake them to make things more interesting. However you like them, you will be able to prepare them quickly and easily. 

They’re Versatile

You can of course do the classic sweet porridge, but savory oats are also a super tasty start to the day. Instead of your usual toppings, use seeds, avocado, spinach, and egg for an exciting twist to breakfast porridge. 

They’re Environmentally Friendly

So many foods these days are assigned a label of ‘unsustainable’. If you care about your carbon footprint, then oats are great, as they’re hardy and fast-growing, so can thrive in many climates. Therefore there’s no guilt when tucking into your favorite oat-based meal.